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Events in Review: March 30th and 31st
Events in Review: March 30th and 31st

Events in Review: March 30th and 31st

On Wednesday, March 30th and Thursday, March 31st the WPI community came together to learn more about sustainable careers and how universities can redesign their experience to promote wellbeing on campuses.

Students had the opportunity to meet with alumni and industry professionals to learn more about careers focused in sustainability and environmental justice within their fields. The campus’ CDC, Career and Development Center, also was in attendance. They provided resume feedback and additional information on employers who also have this industry focus.

Author of The Innovation Delusion, Lee Vinsel, joined WPI’s community for a lunch and book talk. His book focuses on concerns revolving around work-life balance, fostering a brighter and more hopeful campus community, and develop systems of care to cater to emotional, mental, and physical needs. Universities have become populations of stress, overwhelming anxiety, and illness when they should be centers of creative thinking and excitement. Giving a presentation on his work, Vinsel also joined in the book talk with campus community members afterwards.

Vinsel was a special guest on WPI’s podcast, Have you heard?, where he provides additional insight on how the obsession with innovation causes large amounts of stress. It is can accessed on Spotify, for anyone who would like to listen. 

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