A space for collaborators to share their work, learn more about community needs, and gain access to additional project work. As the collaborative continues to grow, more projects will be displayed, in addition to ongoing faculty collaborations.
Have You Herd? We’re On-Air!
Have You Herd? We’re On-Air!

Have You Herd? We’re On-Air!

JustT Coordinators Dr. Yunus Telliel and Dr. Laureen Elgert, followed by guest speaker and author Lee Vinsel, appear on the Have You Herd? podcast to share their takes on public interest technology.

Back in January, at the beginning of the year, Dr. Telliel and Dr. Elgert were hosted on the student-run Have You Herd? podcast, a show which interviews members of the Worcester Polytechnic Institute community about everything from student mental health, to faculty accomplishments, to activism, and even the ongoing war in Ukraine. The two Coordinators of the JustT Collaborative spoke about their ongoing work to facilitate a variety of projects, conducted by both students and faculty at WPI. They helped provide an expanded perspective of what constitutes public interest technology (PIT), in addition to sharing the stories of why they got involved with the PIT University Network (PIT-UN).

The following April, author and Assistant Professor at Virginia Tech Lee Vinsel was brought in to talk about his book The Innovation Delusion, which discusses how the modern perception of constant invention has led to a lack of maintenance among existing structures and devices.

The episode featuring Dr. Telliel and Dr. Elgert can be found here, while the episode discussing Lee Vinsel’s work can be found here.

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